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Planning takes into account the children’s needs, what their next steps are and also their interests. Many activities are child-led. We have a new theme each week to which activities are linked. These are flexible, repeating or continuing if popular with the children. We follow all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) more information on which can be found under our policies section. We are lucky to have our own music teacher that visits once a week to carry out music lessons with the children and we also take cookery classes with Tastebud Cookery. We also take part in other activities such as sports day, a sponsored obstacle course, a walk to the library, a visit to the greengrocers and a walk to the park to feed the ducks.

Within the setting, we offer the activities outlined below which cover all areas of the EYFS.

Boy playing with sand
Girl painting

Self Selection

This area allows the children to choose their own resources and activities to play with. It gives them confidence to make their own choices and to speak about their interests and opinions. We have toys such as cars, dinosaurs and puzzles in the self-selection area. The children are also able to choose within the following areas too.

Craft Area

Here the children are free to explore and experiment with paint, collage, glue and other resources. They can explore colour and texture and develop their mark making skills and communication as they describe what they are creating.

Mark Making Table

A variety of mark making tools are available here from chubby paint sticks to fine fibre tip pens. Plain paper and card as well as colouring in sheets all encourage the children to explore this area.

Maths Area

There are lots of self-selection resources in this area to allow the children to develop their number and shape skills. They enjoy counting things they are interested in such as dinosaurs, pirate coins, buttons etc. There are also more traditional resources such as scales, magnetic numbers and peg boards.

Girl mark making
Boy using scales

Book Corner

This is a very popular area. The children respond well to favourite stories and often act out or retell the story. It is also a quiet area and where children can just sit and look at a book. The children's pre-reading skills start in this area as they learn to hold a book correctly, turn the pages and even begin to recognise letters. Staff happily sit in the book corner with the children and read books throughout the day that children choose.

Malleable Area

Here children can explore and play with playdough, flour, gloop, pasta and many other things. As well as having fun playing, children can develop good mark making skills from these activities. Drawing circles, lines and sometimes even letters. Often children when young don’t want to come to the mark making table but will happily join in with these activities.

Small World

Whether it's the farm, space, knights, animal kingdom, safari or dinosaurs, the children love these activities and it is great for imaginary play, communication and language and interacting with their friends.


These are great activities to really get them problem solving. It is also a great sense of achievement when they start to make things that are recognisable. We have many different construction resources such as large blocks, popoids, stickle bricks and Lego.

Girl using a crane
Boy using a computer

Role Play

Children’s biggest role models are their parents and carers and so there is always a ‘home corner’ set up. We also regularly set up other role play areas including a shop, doctors, vets and café. These are very popular with the children and help in developing their social skills. There is also plenty of opportunity for mark making here with shopping lists, menus, tickets doctors’ charts etc.


The children love exploring all the natural resources such as pine cones, shells, pebbles etc. There are magnifying glasses for getting up close to things and we include topics such as growth and life cycles. This links in nicely with our nature walks.

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